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Anna’s Wedding Cakes
Traditionally, it was good luck for the wedding couple to save the top tier of their wedding cake for a future celebration---usually their first anniversary. Fruitcake,the first wedding cake, was easily stored, since its taste (reportedly) improves over time. But with today's cakes, the preservation process is not as clear. Below a few tips on preservation:
To Freeze:
1. Place the unwrapped cake in the freezer until the frosting is very firm--at least two to three hours.
2. Once set, remove the cake from the freezer and wrap tightly with several layers of plastic wrap, removing as much air as possible. Follow with two layers of heavy aluminum foil. Replace the cake in an air tight container, not a cardboard box, in the back of your freezer.
To Thaw:
1. Remove the cake from the freezer. Allow the cake to thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature for several hours with the wrap on to prevent sweating of the cake.
2. If the cake is to be served at room temperature, if  thawed in the refrigerator, keep at room temperature a few hours before serving.
No room in your freezer? Many couples eat the top of their cake soon after their wedding and order a reproduction of the cake for their first anniversary.
The ceremonial cake cutting is an age-old tradition honored by brides and grooms to celebrate their union and bless their future. Here's how:
1. For a sit down dinner or buffet reception, the cake cutting generally occurs prior to the bride and groom taking their place at the bridal table. If preferred it may take place after the main course of the meal. At cocktail or tea receptions, the cake cutting may be done at any time, allowing guest to eat at their leisure.
2. To get the guests' attention for the cutting, the groom may propose a toast to his bride, and she may reciprocate if she wishes. A joint toast to both sets of parents is also a lovely gesture.
3. To cut the cake, starting at the bottom layer, the bride places her right had on the knife with the groom's right hand placed over hers. After gently removing the slice, the groom offers his bride the first bite. (They do not smash it into each other"s face!)
4. A member of the catering or specially designated guest slices and serves the rest.